Another trademark recognized as well-known in Kazakhstan

In June 2021, lawyers of Bolotov & Partners LLP have recognized of Zhailau brand as a well-known trademark in Kazakhstan.

The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides for quite serious requirements for the assignment of such a status, therefore, today only 57 trademarks are recognized as well-known in Kazakhstan. As a result of the work done, the lawyers managed to convince the authorized body that the brand is well known in Kazakhstan. By the way, out of this number, with the help of our specialists, 41 trademarks received the status of well-known ones. And now also Maslo-Del LLP with the trademark “Zhailau” has become a member of the selected club of owners of well-known trademarks in Kazakhstan.

Recognition of a trademark as well-known gives it a special status in comparison with ordinary marks by expanding the possibility of protecting its rights in Kazakhstan. A well-known trademark is a special status. This is an indicator that the owner has invested a lot of effort and money in its development. This is an indicator that the sign already has its own history, its consumer, its well-deserved place in the market.

We have already written about the usefulness of recognizing trademarks as well-known and about various reasons for the need for such recognition.

Do you want to get into such an “elite club” of well-known trademark owners? Contact us, our specialists know exactly how to do it!