Our IP practice covers all aspects of IP and its protection, including trademarks, inventions, industrial designs, utility models, copyrights and related rights, franchising, IP management.

We advise companies of all sizes and in virtually all industries across the life cycle of IP assets, from development to commercialization and licensing to defending our clients’ interests in courts and government agencies. We have a deep understanding of and advise on the broad range of issues in closely related areas such as e-commerce, data protection, IT contracts, and all types of media work.

Independently or in cooperation with IP lawyers and trademark attorneys in the other Central Asian countries of the CIS and CIS as a whole, we are able to meet our clients’ IP needs in all these countries and many countries of the world.

Our team helps drive your business growth by protecting and leveraging your ideas and innovations, your brand, and your creative works.

Your initial consultation with an IP lawyer is free.