Fighting counterfeit goods in Kazakhstan is one of the challenging concerns nowadays. Counterfeit (fake) goods can be found in any industry.

The distribution of counterfeit goods is explained by decrease of purchasing power of population and relatively tolerant attitude of society towards counterfeit products.

Pursuant to the Law on Trademarks counterfeit goods (lat. Contrafactio, French contrefaction – fake) are the goods and packaging on which a trademark or confusingly similar designation are placed without the owner’s consent.

Fighting counterfeiting is one of the main areas of practice of our company. Bolotov and Partners associates are among the first to help Kazakh and foreign clients in successful protection of their intellectual property rights and preventing production and distribution of counterfeit goods.

Our team of lawyers works on identification of sources of supply of counterfeit goods to the market and developing appropriate strategy for eliminating counterfeit goods.

A key factor for brand protection is reliable partners and specialists oriented in the market and fighting counterfeit goods.

We offer following services in the sphere of protection of rights and fighting counterfeit goods:

  • Inclusion of trademarks and items of copyright and related rights in the Customs Registry of Intellectual Property Items;
  • Monitoring and identification of counterfeit products;
  • Work with cases connected with suspension of goods;
  • Participation in raids and investigation activities;
  • Extension of terms of inclusion of trademarks into the Customs Registry of Intellectual Property Items;
  • Drafting and forwarding warning letters to trademark rights infringers;
  • Preparation and forwarding applications related to illegal use of intellectual property items to the customs authorities and police in order to bring infringers to administrative or criminal responsibility;
  • Preparation and forwarding statement of claims to the courts in order to reimburse expenses and losses related to exclusive rights infringement.

Zhanat Nurmagambetov

Enforcement and Customs

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