Registration of a trademark is valid for ten (10) years from the date of filing an application for a trademark.

The prolongation of term of trademark validity actually means the prolongation of the legal protection of a trademark (service mark). If you invested time and finances in the promotion of your registered trademark and it has acquired certain notoriety, you should timely take care of its safety.

An application for the prolongation of trademark registration should be filed within the last year of the validity of a trademark in question.

What if the validity term of a trademark has expired?

In case you failed to extend the term of trademark registration and this term was violated insignificantly (up to 6 months), we can assist in restoring this term and extend your right to a trademark.

What if you failed to renew a trademark on time and all the deadlines have already been missed?

In the situation when the terms for registration renewal have been significantly missed out and are no longer subject to any restoration, we can assist in drafting and filing of a re-application for registration of a trademark, and we shall do our best to renew the rights to your trademark.

All information related to prolongation of trademark registration validity is entered in the State Register of Trademarks.

Exclusive rights to the IP object can be transferred by the right owner to another person in full or in part pursuant to the agreement.

We offer the following services for the extension of the term of trademark registration:

  • Assistance in filing applications for the extension of trademark registration in Kazakhstan and other countries under international and national procedures;
  • Drafting, filing and maintenance of the application up to the registration of the prolongation of trademark validity term;
  • Entering amendments and prolongation of validity of international registration of a trademark.

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