One of the most effective tools to protect your products from counterfeiting and parallel imports is to include your trademark into the Customs Registry of Intellectual Property Items.

If a trademark owner’s trademark is enrolled to the Customs Registry of Intellectual Property Items, then when goods are imported and have features of counterfeited goods in this case customs authorities inform the trademark owner about possible infringement of his intellectual property rights.

The trademark owner receives not only the possibility of preventing the entry of counterfeit goods into the market in Kazakhstan, but also information about infringer and volumes of imported goods. This information may be supportive in order to seek compensation for the illegal use of a trademark.

Bolotov and Partners’ team has been involved in the inclusion of trademarks in the Customs Registry of Intellectual Property Items since establishment of the Customs Union. Associates at Bolotov and Partners frequently participate in national and international conferences held by customs, law enforcement agencies and international associations.

As invited speakers associates annually conduct trainings and seminars for customs and law enforcement officials, work closely with Kazakhstani and international customs and law enforcement agencies in relation to protection of IP rights and preventing the spread of counterfeit products and circulation of “grey” goods.

We offer following services in the sphere of protection of rights and inclusion into Customs Registry:

  • Inclusion of trademarks and items of copyright and related rights in the Customs Registry of Intellectual Property Items;
  • Monitoring and identification of counterfeit products;
  • Work with cases connected with suspension of goods;
  • Participation in raids and investigation activities;
  • Extension of terms of inclusion of trademarks into the Customs Registry of Intellectual Property Items;
  • Drafting and forwarding warning letters to trademark rights infringers;
  • Preparation and forwarding applications related to illegal use of intellectual property items to the customs authorities and police in order to bring infringers to administrative or criminal responsibility;
  • Preparation and forwarding statement of claims to the courts in order to reimburse expenses and losses related to exclusive rights infringement.

Zhanat Nurmagambetov

Enforcement and Customs

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