Registration and maintenance of domain names

Domain Name is a symbolic (letter and digital) designation created in accordance with addressing rules of Internet network for addressing specific object of a network and corresponding to certain network address.

For the last decades quantity of domain names in the world considerably increased. As of the end of 2105 more than 294 million of domain names were registered.

In addition, over the same period of time thanks to intensive development of computer technologies, emergence of new devices (smartphones, tablet computers, virtual reality devices and other gadgets), development of Internet, a huge number of different computer programs and databases were developed and implemented. There are more than 10 registrars –companies in the Kazakhstan market that provide domain name registration services. A full list of registrars can be found on the website of the Kazakh Network Information Center.

All registrars accept and process applications for registration of a domain name according to principle - first come, first served. The main requirement is that the domain name should not be already registered in someone’s name or reserved for public services.

Application to register domain name should contain:

  • Full name of domain name;
  • Name of company or name, surname and patronymic of an individual which shall use domain name;
  • Contact details of representative which shall be liaison between registrar and domain name owner if an owner is a legal entity;
  • DNS-server and IP-address.

In accordance with the rules, DNS-servers for domain names in zone of “.kz” or “.kaz” should be physically presented in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Specific conditions for registration of domain names:

  • Information provided in the application should be accurate and true.

When registering domain names in zones “.kz” or “.kaz” server equipment should be physically present in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

When entering inaccurate information about domain name owner, all operations with the domain name shall be blocked, followed by cancellation of registration. In order not to lose domain, it is necessary to monitor the accuracy of provided data and, if necessary, enter amendments in a timely manner.

In addition to registering domain names, most registrars also offer DNS servers in Kazakhstan for the efficient management of domain names in “.kz” and “.kaz” zones. It should be taken into account, however that sites of most registrar companies are presented only in Russian language. This is inconvenient for non-residents of Kazakhstan when paying for registration, renewal of domain names and when tracking payment deadlines.

Kazakhstan law firms may be of assistance for effective cooperation with Kazakhstani Internet service providers.

The second important point when registering a domain name is that by registering your domain name, no registrar company checks whether the claimed domain name infringes third party’s rights.

However, it is possible that a certain company or individual may consider that the registration of a domain name infringes to their rights to a trademark. Therefore in order to reduce the risk of such a situation before registering a new domain name, it is recommended to check for similarities and homogeneity with registered trademarks.

Service provided by professionals in the field of registration and maintenance of domain names:

  • Filling in application and follow up during registration process;
  • Registration of domain name in Latin and Cyrillic alphabet depending on certain domain name and zone;
  • Arranging paperwork related to the registered domain name to maintain protection (maintenance of domain names, including renewal of registrations, entering amendment and etc.);
  • Providing DNS-servers to meet requirement of physical presence of server equipment in Kazakhstan.
  • Preliminary verification of registration possibility (both in the databases of sites and databases of trademarks) of a particular name as a domain name, selection of options and proposals of ready-made solutions;
  • Resolution of domain disputes, primarily related to infringements to trademark rights;
  • Inspection and management of work related to infringements to trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Internet.

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