Patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs issued by the Patent Office of Kazakhstan are valid for a limited period of time.

Pursuant to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, patent should be maintained in force and prior to expiration date appropriate measures should be taken for its renewal or restoration.

A patent should be maintained annually for the whole validity term of a patent. Every year on a certain time it is necessary to maintain the validity of a patent. A specific amount of the state fee is stipulated for each year of maintenance of a patent.

It is impossible to pay in advance by one-time payment for all the years of patent validity. The patent becomes invalid in case of failure to pay for maintenance of a patent of Kazakhstan on time.

We offer the following services in the field of maintaining patents in force, renewal and restoration of patents:

  • Calculation of fees for restoration, renewal and maintenance of a patent in force for the next year;
  • Preparation of a full set of documents for restoration of a patent and forwarding it to the authorized bodies;
  • Following terms of payment for maintaining patents in force and renewal term of patents in cases provided by patent law and restoring patents;
  • Entering amendments into state registries and patents;
  • Preparation, filing and following of applications for industrial property objects up to the issuance of title documents in Kazakhstan and in other countries;
  • Preparation of expert opinions related to violation of rights to industrial property objects;
  • Early termination of a patent;
  • Legal assistance in sale and purchase of patents, preparation and registration of license agreements and assignment agreements;
  • Assistance in termination of illegal use of industrial property objects under patents in Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • Representing clients in patent disputes, including challenging grant of patents and patent infringement, including representation before the Board of Appeals of the Ministry of Justice, in courts, in arbitration and out of court dispute resolution.

Yuri Bolotov

Managing Partner

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