Legal Advice related to various legal issues

In addition to legal services related to intellectual property which is the main direction of our company Bolotov&Partners also provides legal advice in related areas of law.

Legal advice may cover the following directions:

  • strategic advice on creating functional and powerful intellectual property protection system;
  • compliance with labor legislation and other regulatory legal acts containing labor law norms (labor agreements, recovery at work, re-employment, remuneration, admission and dismissal of employees and etc.);
  • corporate law (registration/re-registration/reorganization of companies, inclusion of intellectual property in the authorized capital of a company, drafting protocols and etc.);
  • civil law (analysis of legislation in the field of a particular industry, drafting various agreements and etc.).
  • other issues.

Advice related to strategic planning in the field of intellectual property:

  • Strategic advice related to protection of intellectual property;
  • Consulting related to management of intellectual property portfolio;
  • Recommendations related to acquiring, maintaining, enforcement and protection on intellectual property rights.

Legal advice related to labor law:

  • Legal advice related to labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Labor disputes regulation both out of court and in court proceedings;
  • Drafting new documents and legal analysis of existing documents (labor agreements, non-disclosure of trade secrets, liability agreements, regulations, instructions, internal regulations, orders for employment, dismissal, vacations, penalties and etc.)Labor relations advice;
  • Providing advice related to payment of salaries, employee and employer liability, compensation and etc.;
  • Other services in the field of labor law.

Legal advice related to corporate law:

  • Development and preparation of drafts of various corporate documents (regulations, corporate standards, instructions and agreements) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Preparation of documents for registration of legal entities of any organizational and legal forms, registration of branches and divisions, representative offices and legal support;
  • Entering amendments, additions and changes to internal corporate documents;
  • Resolution of corporate disputes.

Our lawyers and patent attorneys provide legal services in other areas of law, however it would be more convenient to discuss this opportunity in person, having preliminary information about the nature of the work that shall be discussed.

Damirzhan Amireyev

General Legal and Civil Procedure

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