Examination for patent clarity

The examination for patent clarity, which is most in demand in Kazakhstan, allows determining possibility of free use of an IP object commercialized in Kazakhstan. In other words, such examination helps to understand chances of use of IP object, its introduction into business turnover in a particular country.

Patent clarity is conditional, since patents are geographically bound and their validity term is limited, in general up to 20 years, with the possibility in some cases to renew the term of a patent for additional 5 years (for example, for pharmaceuticals and agrochemical products).

The depth of examination for patent clarity is about 20-25 years.

When conducting a search for patent clarity, the following types of services are performed:

  • Determination of countries to be examined;
  • Study of details and features of the patent legislation of the countries for which examination is carried out;
  • Analysis of the object of examination and selection of technical solutions, design solutions and other elements to be reviewed for patent clarity;
  • Search and selection of patents and other title documents of exclusive rights relating to the selected features of an object to be reviewed;
  • Definition of classification headings for the selection of technical solutions and other elements to be reviewed;
  • Detailed analysis of selected existing title documents based on a study of the claims and conclusions.

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