Our company offers services of patent examination, analysis and preparation of expert opinions related to patent rights infringements.

Patent examination is conducted to determine infringement to patent rights. Patent examination is conducted by a specialist with high qualifications both in patent law and in technological sphere, to which the patented technical solution relates, since often judges do not possess the proper qualifications, special skills and methods for an objective assessment of a fact of patent infringement.

Patent attorneys with technical education and specialization in the field of patent law, both in relation to the rights under patents for inventions and patents for utility models.

A specialist using special skills and objective methods determines whether there has been use of essential and legally protected elements and features. Based on the results of examination, specialist issues professional opinion, in which conclusions relate to use of an invention or utility model and the grounds for these conclusions.

In practice, in resolving disputes related to illicit use of a patent in a court or administrative procedure, such conclusion can be a powerful argument for the defense or the prosecution and can change the outcome of the whole case.

Our professionals have more than 25 years of experience in the preparation of such opinions and necessary professional qualifications.

We offer the following services in the field of patent analysis and opining in relation to the patent rights infringements. We offer:

  • Consulting in the field of patent rights infringement (utility model/invention/industrial design);
  • Preparation by a specialist of a conclusion on infringement of rights to a patent;
  • Consultation and preparation of legal documents related to out of court settlement or court proceedings;
  • Participation in court as a specialist in the field of protection of intellectual property rights;

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