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Dear friends,

As you know, on March 15, 2020, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, K. K. Tokaev, signed a decree imposing a state of emergency in the Republic of Kazakhstan from March 16 to April 15, 2020, in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the aim of preventive safety measures for the health of employees, customers and business partners, Bolotov & Partners is forced to reorganize its internal work processes, introduce temporary restrictions on business trips, and from today (03/18/2020) switch to a remote mode of operation, however a responsible lawyer or other contact person will be at the office daily.

These temporary measures will be valid for at least one month. During this period, we continue to work as usual, are available through all communication channels, hold online meetings and guarantee the uninterrupted provision of a full range of legal services to our clients.

In order to effectively undertake quarantine measures and not to hinder operation of business entities and to create comfortable conditions of work as far as it is possible in this challenging situation the following measures are undertaken:

  • work of state bodies and private businesses is organized in a way when employees have remote access to servers and databases and can work from homes. Currently about 70% of state employees work remotely.

National Institute of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NIIP) accepts online applications to register objects of intellectual property, searches can be conducted and ordered online and maintenance fees, renewal fees can be paid online. Accepted applications are reviewed by the NIIP employees in a remote mode and without any delays in terms.

Courts review the cases via video or mobile video conference channels through appropriate applications which allow recording (minutes) of the court sessions in a relevant and timely manner.

Presently, it should be also underlined that notwithstanding the quarantine in Almaty and Nur-Sultan cities there are no alleviations related to terms of submission of documents and requirements to the documents remain the same as before the quarantine. So, for example if a document should be submitted in an original and not later than established term (for example, when the patent term is extended), such document should be submitted exactly in a form and on time required by the established legislation.

Consequently, we can conclude that emergency state did not considerably change work of state bodies and there are no special requirements due to the emergency state, except limits in personal visits and transfer of all work of state bodies in an online mode.


  • banks work in their regular operation mode, with partial shift of their employees to remote (distance) work. That means payments and bank transfers are effected in a regular manner. The same is with work of postal services;
  • there is a temporary ban to enter the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan by foreigners and exit for the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The exemptions are citizens which return to Kazakhstan and citizens which exit for medical purposes in a foreign country; foreigners which have residence permit, family network relations with the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and staff of diplomatic service and persons invited by the government. Individuals that transit, railway and air crews are also permitted to cross the boarders;
  • there is a temporary ban to enter Nur-Sultan and Almaty cities for individuals which do not reside in these cities, however transport cargos in particular food and first emergency products are permitted and operate in a regular manner.

Kazakhstan also suffered from the situation in world oil market and in this connection due to established policy related to floating currency rate since 9th of March, 2020 US to KZT exchange rate increased approximately to 20%. We suppose that in a near future as a reaction to the current developments there shall be an increase in prices for imported goods and most probably increase in tariffs of state fees.

Taking into account that during quarantine there might be delays with delivery of originals of documents, we ask you to e-mail all scanned documents to the contact persons in our company or forward them to the following company e-mail:

If due to any reason you need to forward to us official printed documents please inform us accordingly and we shall coordinate our actions in order to receive correspondence from the courier service.

We assume that this challenging time is not the right time to implement the plans. However, we do strongly believe that this time is the right time to demonstrate our strong dedication to work and to clients.

Presently teams of Bolotov and Partners and BMF Research organized sophicticated remote work and we operate full time online and in offices and we are ready to assist our clients in these challenging conditions.

We believe that measures which are being implemented shall be effective and we wish you, your employees and your close ones stay safe and healthy.

If you need detailed instructions and contact information for participating in online meetings, please let us know, we will send all the necessary information by e-mail or inform you by the phone number you specified.

Our website provides complete information about the activities of our company, including contact details of specialists and the types of services that we provide.

We are following the development of the situation with COVID-19 and will inform you as soon as there are any changes.

Strength to all of us and health!

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