“Basics of Intellectual Property and Taxation in Kazakhstan” Bolotov & Partners and Rödl & Partner joint podcast

Dear clients, partners and colleagues,

Bolotov & Partners in cooperation with Rödl & Partner (www.roedl.com/kazakhstan) is currently preparing a podcast series “Three Questions” – on topical issues of intellectual property (“IP”) protection and taxation in Kazakhstan.

Three questions will be asked and discussed in each of the 15-20 minute podcasts. To increase the effectiveness and relevance of the discussions, please send us proposals for questions that are of interest to your company and the answers to which are most relevant.

For the first podcast we offer the following questions:

  1. Why do you need to register IP objects in Kazakhstan?
  2. Licensing and royalty rates;
  3. The use of IP objects and taxation related to this use.

We believe that the topics of IP protection by administrative and criminal measures and the amount of fines and compensations, customs issues, franchising issues, the structure and content of complex agreements with Kazakhstani partners and, of course, related issues of both taxation and accounting will also be of interest.

The first podcast will be sent to the interested companies and also posted on Bolotov & Partners and Rödl & Partner websites and their social media pages.

In order to increase efficiency and usefulness of the provided material, we kindly ask you to send us questions that would be interesting for your company in the suggested sphere of law.

Below are the key issues we will cover in the first podcast.

Podcast 1: IP and Tax Basics in Kazakhstan

1.               What are the principles of IP protection in Kazakhstan?

2.               The basics of taxation when using IP in Kazakhstan;

3.               Problems of subsidiaries and joint ventures using IP objects of foreign companies.

Podcast 2: Licensing and franchising

1.               Intellectual property registration and royalties

2.               International double taxation treaties;

3.               The possibility of deducting costs and contributing IP rights to the share capital of companies.

Podcast 3: Enforcement of IP rights and compensation

1.               Ways to enforce rights;

2.               Amounts of compensation for infringement of rights;

3.               Fines, penalties, etc.

The questions of the following podcasts will be formed on the basis of the listeners’ suggestions and will necessarily include the analysis of service contracts, customs declaration of IP objects, etc.

The language of the podcast is English.

We hope that our joint project will be useful for your company.

We are looking forward to your questions and wish you all the best!


Bolotov & Partners team / Rödl & Partner Central Asia!