COVID-19: Quarantine mode extended in Kazakhstan till August 2, 2020

In connection with the current situation on the spread of the Covid-19 virus on the territory of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan extends quarantine regime till August 2, 2020. The work of state bodies and law firms undergoes a number of changes.
We hope to help our clients and colleagues resolve possible difficulties and provide information about the work of the state bodies during this time. So, for example, the Appeal Board of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan temporarily suspended proceedings during the quarantine period.
The remote form of work for at least 80% of employees of state institutions, offices, national companies and other organizations remains valid.

We remind you that since July 5, 2020 beauty salons, gyms, fitness centers, covered markets, entertainment and religious facilities, kindergartens and summer camps have been closed in Kazakhstan.

During quarantine, medical centers, pharmacies, grocery stores, and open markets operate. In compliance with the enhanced sanitary and disinfection regime, catering facilities in the open air, construction and industrial enterprises with a continuous production cycle continue to operate, agricultural and construction work in the open air will continue. In addition, services are still being provided to the population, in particular, for the repair of cars and household appliances. International air traffic continues its activity.

We inform you that we are working in the previous mode, available both online and by email.