For those who want to address us for legal service but think it costs a fortune

When addressing a company for intellectual property protection and enforcement services, please pay attention to the details of a legal service. Some companies provide a fix fee for the entire package, while others indicate a fee only for a part of procedure, such as filing a trademark application, intentionally or not, without providing the cost of additional services which invariably connected to the filing procedure. Often it appears that the total cost for the entire package of services of the second company is higher than the first firm’s offer, which indicated the cost for the entire package of services, however at first glance the second firm’s price is much lower.

As we know cheap does not mean quality!

Our firm is well known both within and outside of Kazakhstan in terms of the results of our work and our reputation. We provide quality and fast-acting service and we are diligent about our work, which we value.

Quality is the most important thing for us. If we know that case is known to be lost, we notify our client and discuss ways in which the obstacle can be overcome and the dispute resolved. We will carry out your instructions; however you will be aware of the chances of winning.
Practice has shown that redoing mistakes often comes to us and, unfortunately for clients, it has become a frequent practice. It is clear that it is more expensive to redo than to get it right at once!

We have many international and Kazakhstani clients, including some with global names, and we are proud of our stable and long-standing cooperation with them. Our clients are not only large companies, but also individual entrepreneurs and individuals to whom we initially help sometimes for free or at minimal cost, but then we work with them for many years.

If someone says that we are a “very expensive” firm and “you cannot afford our services”, do not believe! Yes, we are not the cheapest firm; however we are not the most expensive either. Visit us directly, without any middlemen or unscrupulous gossipmongers to find out how much cost our services.

Good luck and all the best!

Sincerely yours,

Yuri Bolotov
Managing Partner