Greetings to all amateurs of intellectual games and fans of Go Game!

Our firm supports the development of intelligence in Kazakhstan and protects intellectual property.

We support Go School named after Kunanbayev to develop this game in Kazakhstan. Go game is becoming more popular in our country, and we are proud to contribute to this tendency.

Go Game tournament in Almaty 28-29 October

The upcoming tournament of Go Game to be held in Almaty on October 28-29 is one of the highlights of the growing interest in Go Game in Kazakhstan. This tournament will bring players from all over the country and even beyond. This tournament will be a great opportunity for experienced players to show their skills and for beginners to try their hand at competitions.

Address and venue of the tournament

October 28 and 29, 2023 at 10.00 am at the address: 71 Shevchenko St., 97 corner of Masanchi St., Academy of Logistics and Transport.

Benefits of Go Game for children and adults

Go Game is not only a historical board game but also a powerful tool for the development of mental abilities. It is of great benefit to both children and adults:

Develop strategic thinking: Go Game teaches you to take a long-term view and develop strategies to achieve a goal.

Improved focus: The game requires deep concentration, which helps develop the ability to focus on tasks.

Logical thinking: Go develops analytical and logical skills that are useful in everyday life and professional life.

Self-Control: Since it is important to stay calm and focused in Go, the game promotes self-control and emotional management.

Social interaction: Go is not only a game, but also a good chance for socializing and creating new friendships.

Mission of the Go School

The mission of the Go School is to teach the population of Kazakhstan to play Go Game and to bring the knowledge and skills of the game to our country. We, as well as the organizers of the tournament, believe that this game has the potential to change the lives of many people, enriching their mental baggage and providing new opportunities for growth and development.

To achieve this goal, the Go School engages in a variety of activities, including master classes, competitions. The Go School actively cooperates with educational institutions to introduce the Go Game into the educational process and make it known and accessible to children and youth.

We invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey as participants and sponsors. The future of Go in Kazakhstan promises to be bright and full of opportunities for growth and development.

Thank you for your support and interest in Go Game, together we can achieve more!

Welcome to the tournament, invite your children and friends. See you at the tournament!