Happy Intellectual Property Day!

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

We sincerely congratulate you on the International Intellectual Property Day, celebrated annually on 26 April.

This is a special day for us, for people engaged in IP field. We warmly and sincerely congratulate each other, share interim results of our activities, outline plans for future.

Why is it so important to summarize the results and make plans for the future? The IP sphere, like many other spheres of human activity is changing constantly. Every day, new inventions are created, new ideas that form the basis of copyright are created, and numerous brands are created and registered. We are workers of intellectual property sphere should be always in touch, react quickly, give clear and thoughtful decisions and recommendations.

We wish everyone who, like us, works in IP field good health, optimism, which we need so much in our difficult times and enthusiasm. All those who are the authors of intellectual property objects, we wish creative success and inexhaustible insights and flight of thought! Development and progress of the world depend on you.