IP and E-commerce: how to protect rights and not infringe the rights of others

Dear readers,

Lately we have been addressed for advice on how to protect rights in the field of e-commerce and how relations in the field of e-commerce are regulated. We decided to make a detailed review on the most frequent questions.

The review covers how e-commerce is connected with intellectual property, what kind of rights are assigned to each of the participants in e-commerce and how to protect themselves from existing and most possible risks.

The review shall consist of several parts and we decided to start from use of copyright and related rights and trademarks. We hope that the information shall be useful for people of business and shall allow to use the opportunities of online trading to the full and not to infringe rights of the third parties. Please read it here.

The review is supposed to cover several articles and we shall be happy to highlight the most interesting questions in the following publications and receive feedback to our e-mail: info@bolotovIP.com.