Kazakhstan to switch from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet

Our Dear Clients and Associates,

On October 9th, 2017 Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, had a meeting with the members of Working Group on realization of project on translation of the state language to Latin alphabet. In the course of the meeting the draft of a new Kazakh alphabet in Latin was presented. On October 27th, 2017 the President approved the transition of the state language into Latin alphabet, as well as the unified standard of the Kazakh alphabet in Latin.

Today, draft of a new Kazakh alphabet in Latin consists of 25 letters. In use of 8 specific Kazakh letters is suggested to apply an apostrophe – non-letter mark in the form of diacritical comma, and letters «и» и «й» as a “i”-in Latin with the apostrophe.

Taking into consideration that the majority of companies, working in Kazakhstan, currently have registered trademarks and slogans in Cyrillic in Kazakh, we strongly recommend our clients and colleagues to take all necessary time-bound measures to register trademarks in Latin.

We are look forward to further cooperation and are sure that timely managed trademark registration will help to protect your business assets properly.

THAT WE CAN DO ►Assistance with translation of existing slogans into Kazakhs in Latin; ►Trademark searches; ► Registration of trademarks, slogans etc; ►Domains ►Any other legal services related to IP.

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