Lecture about intellectual property in DARA kindergarten

Dear colleagues and partners,

We are happy to inform that Yuri Bolotov, Managing Partner at Bolotov & Partners continues his project on giving lectures on the basics of intellectual property to schoolchildren and kindergarten children. The purpose of these lectures is to teach children of various age groups with the basics of intellectual property (IP). In Yuri Bolotov’ s opinion, knowledge of IP basics is very important for both adults and children. Intellectual property is sometimes unknown and understudied among schoolchildren. At the same time, children and students should already know such aspects of intellectual property law as, for example, copyright. When writing even independent works, it is important to know for children that any creative writing requires avoiding plagiarism.

Recently, Yuri Bolotov gave a lecture in DARA kindergarten for children-graduates who are going to go to the first grade at the school. The children with pleasure looked Yuri Bolotov’s book named How do they say? The book contains colorful illustrations of animals with their names in different languages of the world and also what kind of sounds they make in different languages.