Dear Colleagues and Partners!

Our firm has been a reliable partner in the protection of intellectual property in Kazakhstan for many years.

The IP sector is one of the priority areas for protecting the interests of US companies and even under the conditions of US sanctions there is no ban on any actions aimed at protecting intellectual property in Russia, however protection process is currently difficult to implement. A number of banks, due to their internal politics, refuse to pay official duties and fees of Russian law firms, or make payments with months-long delays, a number of Western law firms refuse to work directly with Russian law firms.

We understand the current complexity for the Russian and Belarusian firms to work with clients and in this regard we offer our mediation services.

We are ready to be your partner for IP protection in Russia and Belarus. As the simplest however urgent actions, these services may include receiving and forwarding instructions, forwarding original documents and then other routine IP protection work.

We are ready to help you work with your reliable partners in Russia and Belarus, or offer you to work with our current correspondent law firms on a cost efficient and reliable basis.

This is a general arrangement of work, if this is acceptable to you, we are happy to discuss the details. We of course remain ready to represent your clients on your instructions in the standard course of business. For more information about us, please visit our website:

Sincerely yours,

Yuri Bolotov

Managing Partner