Participation in the XI International Forum Anti-Counterfeiting-2023

Dear colleagues and friends!

We are happy to inform that Zhanat Nurmagambetov, Partner of Bolotov & Partners will make a presentation named The Trademark Rights Protection in Kazakhstan during the XI International Forum Anti-Counterfeiting-2023, which will be held on October 5-7, 2023 at the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library (St. Petersburg, Russia). Paralegal Tulegen Zhanabekov will also take part in the event.

The event will be devoted to the issues of fighting fakes in the EAEU space. The main discussion sessions will cover such topics as:

– Development of labeling in the EAEU;

– New trends in law enforcement practice of administrative and law enforcement bodies of EAEU member-states in a fight against illegal use of intellectual property objects.

– Marketplaces: fakes in the Internet;

– Society against fakes. Literacy as a key factor of efficiency of the EAEU consumer market;

– Who has information – owns everything: monitoring the situation in the sphere of illegal turnover of industrial products;

– Pharmcounterfeit: threats to the EAEU medical market;

– How does illegal tobacco pass the EAEU borders?

– Is Cheburashka under threat? Counterfeiting in the sphere of children’s goods;

– “Daily Bread”: fakes in food products;

– Fighting illegal alcohol: who is winning?

Our team will be glad to welcome its clients and partners at the conference. For any other matters, please contact Ainur Bultekova ( or Zhanat Nurmagambetov (

Note: For more than 10 years the International Forum Anti-Counterfeiting has become a central discussion platform within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) where representatives of ministries and state bodies of EAEU member-states, heads of big companies and organizations, leading international experts in this field, representatives of science and society have an opportunity to discuss the issues of markets’ protection from illegal turnover of industrial products. In addition this Forum is a platform for engaging in a constructive dialogue and elaborating joint decisions with the aim of creating a civilized market of products and services.