We strive to handle all domain name related issues as to acquisition, maintenance and protection of domain names, including conflicts between the rights over a trademark and a domain name.

We work with administrators and registers of domain names in Kazakhstan.

Where someone else’s trademark is used in a domain name, before the dispute is resolved in court, administrator may put the disputed domain name “on hold” status provided its owner produces the following documents:

  • The original or a notarized copy of the certificate of registration of a trademark that is identical to a second level domain (without .KZ), with the earlier priority date than the domain name. The copy may not be older than six months;
  • A copy of preliminary Cease and Desist letter forwarded to the owner of the domain name and a document evidencing the dispatch of the letter (by courier or registered mail) and a receipt thereof by the owner of the domain name.

Upon court’s decision administrator of domain names cancels registration of domain name if it is not transferred to the trademark owner.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in registration of a domain name;
  • Maintenance of domain names;
  • Providing of DNS-servers for meeting the local presence requirement;
  • Legal support in disputes related to domain names and trademarks use;
  • Domain name and web-site transactions;
  • Legal advice on domain names regulation;
  • Legal search of domain name and its owner.