The last weekend of October was filled with intellectual battles and intellectual challenges thanks to the Almaty Go Game Cup. The tournament was organized by Go School named after A. Kunanbayev.

The Go Game originates from ancient China and has more than two thousand years of history. Unlike many other board games, Go requires a deep understanding of strategy and psychology, making it a true art and a challenge for those who eager to achieve excellence in the game.

The tournament organized in Almaty on October 28-29, 2023 attracted participants from all over the city and with different levels of skills in playing this game. The tournament was a valuable opportunity to compete and improve the skills. The event divided the participants into three leagues: A, B and C, ensuring fairness and excitement during the game. All participants demonstrated outstanding skill and commitment, which emphasized the popularity and importance of Go Game in Almaty.

Alexander Nakagawa (2nd Dan) won the main victory and took the Almaty Go Game Cup. Alexander and other winners of the tournament demonstrated great skill and strategic genius, showing that Go Game is not only a fascinating game, but also an art that can be mastered with hard work and dedication.

We hope that Almaty Go Game Cup will become a tradition and will continue to attract participants and fans of this fascinating game. Also, on January 20-21, 2024, Almaty is planning to hold the first international Go Game tournament.

We are happy to contribute to the popularization of this game and strengthen the community of players in Almaty by sponsoring such events, because this kind of projects contribute to the spiritual enrichment and getting up people close through the game and culture.