Bolotov & Partners has become a member of the Association ”Made in Kazakhstan“

Dear Partners and Friends!

We want to share good news with you – Bolotov & Partners has joined the Association of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs ‘Made in Kazakhstan’.

On February 11, 2015, in order to support the national economy, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev proposed launching a nationwide campaign “Made in Kazakhstan” to support domestic production, the purpose of which is to increase the confidence of citizens of Kazakhstan in domestic goods, works and services, increase the number of manufactured goods and their popularization among the population. To achieve these goals, the Association of Legal Entities “Association of producers and entrepreneurs “Made in Kazakhstan” was created.

Made in Kazakhstan

In order to increase the recognition of domestic brands, the “Made in Kazakhstan” logo was created. It is aimed to identify goods and services produced in the Republic of Kazakhstan exclusively by domestic producers of goods, works and services.

Choosing a domestic producer of goods and services, each citizen of Kazakhstan contributes to the economy of Kazakhstan. Our aim is to convey that everything is interconnected. If today, for example, a person prefers imported goods to a domestic one, even if it is cheaper and there is an opportunity to save now, then subsequently he will lose anyway. If companies close, their employees will be left without work, and among them, perhaps, there are relatives of the one who buys imported goods. In addition, closed domestic companies are in the future unpaid taxes, which, as you know, go to the construction of schools, roads, hospitals, social payments.