Dear Colleagues and Partners,

The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) has introduced amendments to certain official fees payable when filing and renewing Eurasian patents and designs. The new fees enter into force on January 1, 2024.

In average, the official fees are increased by 20 to 30%. For example, the basic official fee for filing a patent application will increase to 50 000 RUB (app. US $556) from 36 000 RUB (app. US $400), the basic official fee for substantive examination will increase to 50 000 RUB (approximately US $) from 40 000 RUB (app. US $445), and the granting and publication fee will increase to 30 000 RUB (app. US $334) from 25 000 RUB (app. US $278).

In this regard, if you currently consider to file a Eurasian patent application or if you already have applications with the EAPO, paying the pending official fees before January 1st, 2024 July will save costs to a significant degree.

In any questions you can contact our patent attorneys by sending email to patents@bolotovIP.com

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  • Preparation, filing and maintenance of applications for industrial property objects up to the issuance of title documents in Kazakhstan and in other countries;
  • Monitoring the terms of payment for maintaining patents in force, maintaining patents in force, as well as extending the term of patents in cases provided by patent legislation, renewal of patents, entering amendments to state registries and patents;
  • Preparation of expert opinions of experts on the facts of infringement to rights to industrial property objects;
  • Early termination of the patent;
  • Legal support in the assignment of patents, preparation and registration of license agreements and assignment agreements;
  • Assistance in prevention illicit use of industrial property objects under patents in Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • Representing clients in patent disputes, including challenging the granting of patents and patent infringement, including representation in the Board of Appels of the Ministry of Justice, in courts, in arbitration, and pre-trial dispute resolution.