Foreign companies left Russia, however their branded goods are still offered at the market

Cursiv (a business media, read more at ( highlights why businesses are not afraid to use the parallel imports, while brands look through this fact.

(Cursiv is a business media with strong expertise in economic agenda, market and business review and analysis with a focus on in-depth analysis in Central Asia, Russia and China).

Banned but still available

Coca-Cola on the shelf of the SPAR supermarket in Moscow is promising residents of the Russian capital “kүn sayyn zheniske zhetu mumkindigi” (“a chance to win every day” translated from Kazakh). Among the prizes was a voucher for one million KZT at Forte Market.

The Central Asian office of the Coca-Cola Company has no idea how the drink, clearly of Kazakh production got to the Russian Federation. They commented: “We do not send our products to Russia. The beverages produced in Kazakhstan are intended for the Kazakhstan market. We warned our distributors that they cannot be sold (to Russia added by Cursiv). Someone comes and buys it here”.

Coca-Cola stopped the production of the drink of the same name in Russia last summer. And after selling the rest of the products it should have finally left the market, but this it was replaced by Coca-Cola from other countries, including Georgia and Kazakhstan.

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