Lawyers of Bolotov & Partners became the members of the Chamber of legal advisers

We have great news! The Bolotov and Partners team now has six lawyers who are legal advisors and can represent our clients in court.

As you know, an absolutely new institute appeared in Kazakhstan – the Chamber of Legal Advisers, which was created on the principle of compulsory membership for private lawyers, who will now be called legal advisers.

According to this law, a legal adviser is a natural person with a higher legal education, work experience in the legal profession for at least two years, who has passed certification, is a member of the Chamber of Legal Advisers and provides legal assistance.

Or, in other words, a legal advisor is a lawyer without a lawyer’s license, but providing legal services. And if earlier legal services in civil cases could be provided by any person, now for this it is necessary to have the status of a legal adviser and be a member of the Chamber of Legal Advisers.

The Chamber of Legal Advisers is a self-regulated, compulsory membership-based organization established to regulate legal assistance and control over the activities of its members in terms of their compliance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on advocacy and legal assistance, rules and standards of the Chamber of Legal Advisers, Code of Professional Ethics, included in the register of chambers of legal advisers, uniting at least 50 legal entities iCal consultants. Thus, the chambers of legal advisers are actually public control and supervisory bodies in the field of legal services, similar to the bar associations in the field of advocacy.