Legal services in IP and TMT

Our Dear Clients and Associates,

We are glad to announce that as a part of our company’s development and improvement of quality of our customers’ services, we have created a new division that provides legal support in the field of information technologies (IT).

We monitor the development of IT trends closely and advise the clients on various issues related to the protection of information in the field of IT, as well as in all related fields.


We provide the following legal services:

In the field of registration of:

  • objects of intellectual property, including trademarks and patents, as well as the deposit of IT systems, software products, software codes, etc.;
  • rights to software products and databases;
  • verification of registration ability, registration, maintenance of domain names in force, as well as disputing rights to domain names.

Formalization of contractual relations, in particular, the analysis of existing or preparation of new ones:

  • copyright contracts and software development contracts;
  • license agreements;
  • confidentiality agreements;
  • agreements on the transfer of rights to know-how;
  • and other similar treaties and agreements.

Another commercialization of intellectual property, for example, introduction of rights to computer programs and databases in the authorized capital of companies;
In the field of protection of know-how:

  • development of a complex of security measures to protect know-how at all stages from the creation of know-how by the company’s employees or your partners;
  • development of rules for working with know-how in the company: use and storage, transfer, licensing and sale.

In the field of protection of rights:

  • on trademarks used in domain names;
  • copyrights to computer programs and databases;
  • countering violations and protecting intellectual property, including copyrights, including on the Internet;
  • representation of interests in law enforcement bodies, courts in cases related to violation of IP rights and with confidentiality issues;
  • protection of personal information;
  • assistance in resolving disputes, both in judicial and pre-trial order.

In addition, we offer counseling and assistance with:

  • transfer of rights to computer programs and databases on licensing agreements, as part of a comprehensive entrepreneurial license (franchising agreement) and other contracts;
  • preparation, legal analysis of restrictions, reservations on the use and sale of goods through the Internet and for websites (legal disclaimers);
  • analysis and preparation of companies’ policies related to the protection of personal data, mandatory internal rules, etc. (Data privacy policy, binding corporate rules);
  • review of articles / publications / site content for correct application of legal terms, etc.;
  • preparation of memorandums, legal opinions on the compliance of contracts with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • consulting on all the above issues.

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Bolotov & Partners Team