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Dear colleagues, partners, ladies and gentlemen!

The world is changing and the plans for maintaining, restoring and developing companies are changing; however the protection of intellectual property shall be always one of the important tasks of the companies. Intellectual property like trademarks, firm names and the appearance of products, computer programs and inventions should be under protection. This protection is required both in the market of Kazakhstan and in the markets of at least countries neighboring with Kazakhstan.
It is clear that now we need to focus on the most important targets in this direction. Please tell us what is currently relevant and appropriate for you and your company in this area and we will make our best offers for your priorities, and having discussed them with you, we will help you to optimize your work program.

We are ready to support Kazakhstan companies in this challenging period and in a number of cases we are ready to offer installment plans and subscription service programs.

Please feel free to contact we will be happy to assist.

Stay safe and healthy!

Bolotov & Partners