Meetings at Living Universe private school

In the Living Universe private school, as part of the Talent is a Divine Gift project children get acquainted with various professions. In the framework of this project schoolchildren of the sixth and seventh grades met with Doctor of Law Yuri Albertovich Bolotov. Children learnt about what is to be a lawyer in the field of intellectual property, what intellectual property is and how competently it can be protected.

Using his book as an example, Yuri Albertovich told schoolchildren how the idea of creating a book appears, how a work is created, how a book is published, how many people are involved in this process and how the work of authors is rewarded.

At the end of the lecture, children interviewed Yuri Bolotov. In addition to questions about personal preferences in gastronomy, children were also interested in how a person enters the profession, what gives strength for development, and why exactly intellectual property is of such interest. Yuri Albertovich spoke about what is most valuable to him in his work and to the great joy of children he presented his books to everyone.