Observance of copyright and related rights in advertising

Presently development of the advertising industry is in step with the times and evolves along with global digitalization and plays a significant role in promoting not only achievements in various fields, but also the economy as a whole.

The expression Advertising is the engine of commerce which is attributed to Ludwig Metzel, who opened the first advertising agency in 1878 in Russia, became a winged aphorism and is still appropriate nowadays. The advertising business is constantly criticized for misleading consumers of goods/works/services, as well as imposing certain trends, habits and stereotypes on society. Our legislator actively fights against unfair, unreliable, unethical, deliberately false and hidden advertising, misleading consumers, prohibits the advertising of certain goods/works or services (alcohol, tobacco products, financial pyramids and etc.). Of course, it is this side of the coin that is important to the end consumer, a consumer does not see the other side, behind which are great human and financial resources.

Advertising and copyright are an important part of the marketing plan of every organization that sells goods/works/services and is interested in their successful promotion. The main purpose of any advertising is to attract as many customers as possible and to ensure recognition of the advertised brand, and often advertisers, wishing to capture the market, always remain on their ears, use already known and recognizable works, which result is the violation of intellectual property rights of the third parties.

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