New service: Online protection of your brand in Kazakhstan

Do you think the Internet is a safe place for trading, advertising and promoting goods and services?

Online resources offer companies vast opportunities to increase profits and simplify business models, however together with these opportunities it is necessary to take into account the unregulated and uncontrolled nature of the Internet. In particular, in addition to legal sales of goods, a significant percentage of the share of all purchases relate to illegal goods such as counterfeit, imitation, replica and others that infringe your commercial interests and trademark rights.

If you have an online store, your customers shall search your store on the Internet. When entering a trademark in a search line, they shall find not only your store of original goods, but also offers of counterfeit goods, possibly online copies of your stores or parallel/grey import goods, which may affect your trademark reputation and directly your profits, since costumers often get the impression that all sellers offer the same product and the only difference is pricing.

It is reasonable to take care of protecting your brand in advance taking into account existing and anticipating threats to the brand’s reputation.

Every day we do our best in order to share the best experience of our team and contribute to the development of our clients’ and partners’ businesses by protecting their intellectual property objects. Studying the needs and taking into account the real risks faced by entrepreneurs, we improve existing services and offer new ones. Now we would like to offer you protection of your brand online – this is not a novelty on the market, it is possible that you already know and heard about such a fight against infringements, however we believe that we have something to tell.


Read our new article “Online Protection of Your Brand in Kazakhstan” and contact us to find out what you can do to protect your brand today.