Success story: Protection of the trademark rights of the largest company engaged in production of bearings

Bolotov & Partners LLP provided legal services related to protection of the trademark rights of one of the largest company engaged in production of bearings. In particular Bolotov & Partner’s team participated in the organization and conduct of a number of administrative inspections in relation to entities offering for sale counterfeit bearings. As a result, 4 649 counterfeit bearings were seized at the Kazakhstan markets during 8 months of 2019. These counterfeit bearings were seized within the framework of administrative inspections in Nur-Sultan and Almaty cities.

It is worth mentioning that these bearings are used in any kind of mechanized production. Consequently Bolotov & Partners played its role in protecting the producers of Kazakhstan from possible industrial accidents, and, accordingly, in preventing the threat of harm to health and possibly saved people’s lives.

Presently part of the seized bearings had already been destroyed and the metal waste resulting from the destruction was sold for recycling. Funds from the sale of metal waste are spent on charity.

The fight against counterfeiting is one of the main areas of practice of our company. Bolotov & Partners lawyers were one of the first to help Kazakhstani and foreign clients successfully protect intellectual property rights and prevent the production and distribution of counterfeit products, and continue to do so today. Our specialists are responsible for determining the sources of counterfeit entry to the market, developing an appropriate strategy to eliminate counterfeit products.