Recognition of the IKEA trademark as well-known in Kazakhstan

In November 2020, thanks to the well-coordinated work of Bolotov & Partners lawyers, another well-known trademark was recognized as well-known. It is IKEA trademark.

The peculiarity of this sign in comparison with others was, perhaps, its highest recognition by consumers. Of course, this is largely due to the popularity of this company’s products among buyers.

We believe that the most important thing in this recognition was increasing the significance of the mark itself and its value, as well as expanding the possibility of protecting its rights in Kazakhstan.

We have already written about the usefulness of recognizing trademarks as well-known and about the various reasons for the need for such recognition. Interested readers are invited to read or re-read this material.

As of today, 41 trademarks have been recognized as well-known in Kazakhstan, 37 of them – with the help of our firm’s lawyers.

If you need help with recognizing a trademark as well-known, please contact us, we will be happy to assist!