The first integrated circuit topology registered in Kazakhstan

On October 22, 2021 the first integrated circuit topology named Volume Level Indicator was registered with the National Register of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Volume Level Indicator is a device which displays the intensity of an audio signal in music equipment (loudspeaker, microphone, electric guitar, amplifiers and etc.). In particular, it is used to display analogue signals. The proposed chip is designed as a simple volume meter using the LM3914 point/strip display driver chip.

Where it can be applied: Mostly used in the music industry for creating and recording live music. The topology can be reconstructed to act as a power level indicator for various devices.

In general we would like to note that the registration of the first integrated circuit topology is a very significant and joyful event, a small step for the patentee however a big one for the whole Kazakhstan.

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